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Cynopsis’ Measurement & Data [Virtual Experience] was held virtually November 17-18 and delivered a dozen sessions and executive briefings to hundreds of attendees in more than 14 countries!

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On Demand Sessions

  • Get the Full Picture with TV Data

    Get the Full Picture with TV Data

    In order to accurately plan, buy and measure your advertising investment with confidence, demand for data reflecting the true viewership habits of your target audiences is increasing. Quality over quantity is an absolute must. Join TiVo to review a checklist of criteria to inform your investment consideration in this increasingly fragmented marketplace. 

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  • Cross Media Measurement – Where are We Today?

    Cross Media Measurement – Where are We Today?

    The pressure for a cross platform measurement solution has resulted in buyers, sellers, associations and non-traditional measurement companies all becoming involved in establishing best practices, protocols and standards. That’s the good news. The bad news is that these entities are often speaking different languages and can be at odds with one another. This moment of peak fragmentation is the perfect time to hear from these diverse camps on where we stand on the road to a solution, and what we need to do now to get to our mutual destination.

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  • Breaking Social Video Silos: Deduplicating Facebook & YouTube Audience Uniques

    Breaking Social Video Silos: Deduplicating Facebook & YouTube Audience Uniques

    Despite billions worldwide consuming social video, audience-based measurement hasn’t kept up, and the lack of an independent standard has led to a $13+ billion revenue gap in the digital video economy. 

    Comprising brand and publisher leaders, the Global Video Measurement Alliance co-developed a new standard for video measurement and analytics. By measuring de-deduplicated cross-platform unique viewers and minutes watched, you can now compare social video audiences directly to traditional forms of media like TV. 

    Join us as we discuss how these metrics can empower media companies, brands, and agencies to compare, partner, and invest effectively in the video marketplace.

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  • The Issue of Data Quality

    The Issue of Data Quality

    There is a lot of data to choose from. Some is critical for one project but not with another. How can you smartly tell which is which? This panel examines the way some pros have separated the wheat from the chaff using actual examples from media and data companies.

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  • Attribution: Making Sense of the Long & Winding Road

    Attribution: Making Sense of the Long & Winding Road

    Attribution remains the Holy Grail for agencies, advertisers and media companies. But the consumer path to purchase is complicated and non-linear. With the continuing proliferation of platforms, devices and consumer touchpoints, what are the current best practices for attribution in an environment where last click is so last year? Discover what the top attribution experts are doing to accurately map out the consumer journey.

  • Diversity’s Effect on Measurement

    Diversity’s Effect on Measurement

    How is the media industry responding to the Black Lives Matter and social justice movements in their work around measurement? This discussion will focus on how research studies, data collection and modelling are – and should be – transforming. Topics will include tactics to actualize data, rethinking our day to day practices to ensure that we are working toward greater equity, and more.

  • Measuring the Effectiveness of OTT as a Complement to TV

    Measuring the Effectiveness of OTT as a Complement to TV

    As TV viewership habits in the U.S. increasingly shift to OTT, advertisers must combine TV and OTT together in their media mix in order to maximize their reach and drive campaign effectiveness and impact. Targeting and reaching untapped, qualified OTT audiences and measuring the increase in website traffic, store visits, brand lift and actual conversions is now more important than ever.  Brands and agencies must also understand the true incremental reach of their OTT campaigns in order to determine the proper allocation of spend across both TV and OTT.  This session will provide an insider’s look at the latest methods and technologies being used to deliver the real-time actionable data that advertisers need to move beyond impressions, to impact – at massive scale.

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  • Measurement through the Incremental Reach of OTT

    Measurement through the Incremental Reach of OTT

    OTT/CTV have transformed the way audiences watch television, with consumers increasingly watching programming across both linear and OTT platforms. As advertisers scale their OTT buys, it is important to know how they can measure daily incremental reach across OTT and Linear TV to better optimize their ad dollars.

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  • Storytelling with Data

    Storytelling with Data

    Data on its own is not enough. Insights must be mined, stories must be discovered. This panel explains how to make sense of all of the data that is collected. What are the best ways to stitch together various data sets and make sense of a complicated landscape?

  • Privacy & Cybersecurity

    Privacy & Cybersecurity

    Three major initiatives – privacy, cybersecurity and blockchain – are beginning to impact our industry all at the same time. While privacy is advancing in Europe and on a state-by-state basis here in the US, cybersecurity is testing the limits of our systems, eroding consumer protections. Further, blockchain promises to link all datasets together tracking back to the individual level. How will all of these somewhat conflicting protocols – insuring privacy, protecting the consumer while also tracking the consumer’s sales journey – play out in the marketplace? 

  • Now what? The Map to Measurement’s Future

    Now what? The Map to Measurement’s Future

    There has been a lot of discussion about the best metrics to use in cross platform measurement. A move to impressions from ratings has been suggested as the universal metric. But is this metric just a stopgap to one that takes into account engagement or path to purchase, for example? The media ecosystem is evolving and this panel will discuss how measurement must evolve with it.

  • TV’s Future is in our Hands: Change the Narrative

    TV’s Future is in our Hands: Change the Narrative

    Before our very eyes, TV is reinventing itself as a powerful cross-platform medium. But it’s what we, as an industry, choose to do next that will solidify and grow its position in the modern media mix. The future of TV is in our collaborative hands. 

    Through industry-wide collaboration, we have the opportunity to protect ad spend and attract advertisers back to TV – all while ensuring it’s a “win-win-win” for sellers, buyers and viewers alike.  

    Join TVSquared’s Jo Kinsella to unpack how the industry is working together to foster innovation and usage and, ultimately, change the long-standing narrative around TV.  

    Explore how this highly competitive space can better collaborate to protect and grow the TV ecosystem. (After all, we’re all working toward the same thing!)  
    Discover how brands, including those that came to TV for the first time during the pandemic, are leveraging this fragmented market to reach and engage with audiences across platforms and devices.
    Learn how advertisers and publishers are leaning into measurement and identity to power these changes.

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  • The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital

    The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital

    A study conducted by Effectv and TV Squared, called The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital, found that TV advertising plays a major part in driving website traffic and engagement to connect with potential buyers. 

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