Event Marketer – Food & Beverage in the Covid Era: New Rules, New Best Practices

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If you’ve found yourself wondering, “How are we going to feed everyone?” when events come back, you’re not alone. It’s one of several million-dollar questions facing an industry that previously thrived on showing attendees a great time through creative menus, craft cocktails and once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences.

But just because it’s different doesn’t mean you’re entering the era of… “the box lunch.” The new normal for food and beverage can still be inspired, creative and even a highlight of the event experience.

Join the editors of Event Marketer and a panel of industry experts on July 30th for a webinar designed to unpack the world of F&B, and arm marketers just like you with the tools and insights you need to understand the new rules and opportunities for feeding attendees in the COVID era.

In our two-hour mini-masters course, you will learn:

  • How to feed attendees with hygiene, social distancing and comfort levels top of mind
  • Different approaches for serving food at networking breaks, galas, receptions and more
  • What the cost implications will be for F&B budgets in the COVID era
  • What’s possible and totally impossible in 2020 and beyond, and how to plan around it
  • The new F&B rules you’ll be seeing in catering contracts from now on—and what they mean
  • Fresh ways to present appetizers, drinks and “sit down” meals without sacrificing food quality
  • Spatial considerations to keep in mind and venue setup ideas that can solve F&B pain points
  • What the new rules are for servers, bartenders and on-site staff—and how to follow them
  • The most critical questions you need to ask before signing your catering contract
  • How to build a new playbook that ensures F&B best practices across your organization